Smoked Pulled Pork Butt / Keto Carnivore

Deer Camp 2022 is officially underway. I don’t hunt but my husband does. We have a few hunting buddies come stay with us during this time. We don’t camp, we just call it that lol.

I cook the dinners and since we are full on Keto, our guests will be as well 😉

I will be blogging the keto dinners that I make over the next couple of weeks, starting with this Smoked Pork Butt.

This is an 8lb pork shoulder butt. I paid $16 for this and it will provide 4-5 of us a couple of meals! I think that is very economical, especially in this day and time.

Let’s get to the recipe.


  • Pork Shoulder Butt
  • Yellow Mustard
  • BBQ Rub

First, rub mustard all over meat.

Second, rub generously with your favorite seasoning. This time I used Meat Church Holy Cow. Here’s the link:

I use this temperature probe so I can monitor the temperature, even from my phone! Here’s the link:

I am an amateur very when it comes to smoking meat but I’m learning. I preheated my electric smoker to 250 degrees. Here is a link to the smoker I use:

I used apple wood chips. I will link the ones I used here:

Here is my setup. I can watch the temperature from inside.

About 8 hours in the meat stalled at 169 degrees. I ended up wrapping it in peach paper and the temperature started climbing again. Wrapping it really helped. Peach paper:

I pulled it at 185 degrees. Look at that crust! I let it rest for a little while then I started shredding.

Here is my sheet pan full of pulled pork, just waiting for a drizzle of bbq sauce!

I don’t provide nutritional information on my recipes. I may include the carb count. I count total carbs and that’s it. With all of my recipes I recommend using Carb Manager for your Macros. Just enter your ingredients there to get your nutritional information.
Different brands of the same
ingredient can contain a different amount of carbohydrates. “SERVING SIZE” perception can also be different from one
person to another.

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