Hi, I am Paula. I live a Keto Lifestyle and I am a Keto Health Coach. So many people over complicate The Ketogenic Diet…I like keeping it simple. Simple methods, simple recipes. I keep my carbs low (under 20 TOTAL carbs a day) and I eat a meat based diet. I am a firm believer that food can indeed heal your body. For years I suffered with chronic migraines and joint pain and my hormones were out of whack! Since I have been living Keto, everything has changed. No more migraines, no more daily headaches, no more joint pain, my hormones have regulated, I have lost weight and I am off of medication! This has been a true miracle for me and I want to share it with everyone! Thus, the reason for my Youtube channel. I do personal and group coaching.

You can contact me by email: paulakish@lowcarbrevelation.com

Low Carb Revelation P.O. Box 2293 Riverview, MI 48193