These pickle chips are scrumptious! They can be baked, fried or air fried. I like to use my Zstar Air Grill

They are great for Ranch dipping. Those who like them in ketchup, make sure you are using a keto friendly one. I like this one: Primal Kitchen

Here’s what you need:

Start by drying pickles on a paper towel.

Mix Pork crumbs, cheese and seasoning together in a bowl.

I love this seasoning salt from Redmonds Real Salt, here is my discount link:) Seasoning Salt

Dip pickles, one at a time into the eggs, then coat with crumbs.

I like to double dip mine so that they have a thicker crust. Dip in egg then crumbs, back to egg then crumbs.

I air fry mine in my Zstar air grill at 400 for 12 minutes, flipping halfway through. I recommend a temperature of 375-400 degrees.

They come out so crispy and good!

Serve with a side of Ranch. Yum!

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3 responses to “Keto Air Fried Pickles”

  1. Sue Flores Avatar
    Sue Flores

    All Primal Kitchen products are insanely good. We did keto for a long time many moons ago. We’re at the dirty lazy stage right now, and I’ve eaten enough pork rinds to last me through eternity. I wonder how those would work with keto friendly bread that is dried out in the oven & crumbled.

  2. Judy Avatar

    Paula, I did the air fried pickles tonight. They were great! Hubby loved them. Need to get more pickles! 🤣 Thanks so much! 👍👍❤️😁

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