Keto Low Carb Garlic Steak Bites


This is an easy quick meal you can whip up in no time. It’s perfect for the keto diet or if you aren’t keto, you could serve it with some noodles.

I used sirloin steak that we got when we purchased a 1/4 Cow. If you are interested in seeing how much beef we got you can watch my video here:

I cut the sirloin into bite sized cubes. I seasoned them with salt, pepper and garlic seasoning. This came out to about 1-1/2 lbs.

I used 4 T butter and a tablespoon or so of bacon grease to sauté the beef in.

I sliced half of an onion and added it to the melted butter. I added a tablespoon or so of chopped garlic.

Then I added the beef. I turned the meat every so often letting it brown on all sides.

Then I topped with Rosemary. I love the combination of beef, butter and Rosemary.

This was dinner. I served it with green beans and a salad. This took under an hour to prepay start to finish.


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