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I have been living a Keto Lifestyle and it has changed my life. I have had joint pain issues for years. Doctor and Physical Therapy visits to no avail. I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease, Lupus & Borderline RA. I have been told by my doctors to eat Vegan. I tried it for 6 months and no difference. I have tried Gluten Free, Low Fat and a few others, no difference, until I tried Keto. My body is healing! Not only have I lost some weight but I have no joint pain issues whatsoever! I also have a ton of energy and over all I just feel wonderful. So I started a YouTube channel and this blog so I could share recipes and tips and hopefully some of you can find benefit as well!

Today is just a simple “What I eat in a day” blog. I feel sharing these helps others to learn what to eat. So without further ado, here is todays menu.

I started eating at 10:00 AM. I do intermittent fasting most days, this is not necessary but I do find it beneficial to me.

I had scrambled eggs in bacon grease, my favorite, and bacon, (I can throw down on some bacon), and nespresso coffee with a teaspoon of butter, yum! That’s it for breakfast, the fat and protein should keep me full for a few hours while I work and run errands.

At lunchtime I wasn’t super hungry so I opted for some yogurt. I was wanting something sweet and tart so I took a True Lemon Lemonade drink mix packet and stirred it into 3/4 cup plain unsweetened Fage full fat Greek yogurt. I like to try different flavors. It’s hot out today so this tasted refreshing.

I topped with a few blueberries. It was delicious and just what I needed to take the edge off until dinner time.

Dinner. Garlic Steak Bites, Green Beans & Salad w/Ranch Dressing. Here is the steak bites recipe:

This was a very filling dinner but I did save room for dessert.

Strawberries that I marinated in a very fine, aged Balsamic Vinegar and topped with a shot of whipped cream. A great day to end a day of eating. I may have a cup of coffee also. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

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