Keto Deep Fried Chicken Wings


We make the most delicious chicken wings! We deep fry them in Beef Tallow that we make ourselves. I did a YouTube video on how we make beef tallow here:

I suppose you could use another kind of oil but beef tallow gives the wings an amazing flavor. UPDATE! I recently tried frying wings in bacon grease and they came out amazing!

The beef tallow is white and a solid. It melts quickly when heated up. I use an iron skillet. You could use an electric fryer as well. If you do fry it on the stove, be careful of the grease dripping on the fire. You can have a grease fire very easily.

While the tallow is heating up, I season the chicken wings.

I use Redmond Real Salt Organic Seasoning Salt. Here is a link where you can save 15% off or use my coupon code at checkout, lowcarbrevelation.

I season both sides.

Carefully, drop the wings into the heated oil. I don’t take the temperature, I just wait until the oil is bubbly.

I watch the stove constantly when I’m frying. I stir and flip the wings around.

When the wings are golden, remove and drain on paper towel.

We like the Buffalo Wild Wings Parmesan Garlic Sauce. It’s low carb and tastes great! You can find it here:

Just place the wings in a bowl with some of the sauce and toss to coat.

Serve with celery and Ranch or Blue Cheese. I prefer Blue Cheese. They are so good and keto friendly!

How do you like your wings? Drums or Flats? Blue Cheese or Ranch?

I prefer drums and blue cheese with my celery.

Fried wings NO sauce 0 carbs

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