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Coffee Ice Cream

Ingredients: 1-1/2 cups Heavy Cream (Use canned unsweetened coconut milk for dairy free) 1-1/2 cups Nut Milk, Almond or Macadamia 3/4 cup Allulose sweetener 1 tsp vanilla extract 1-2 tbsp instant coffee Mix all ingredients together, make sure coffee is dissolved. Pour into electric ice cream maker. Mix until desired consistency is formed. Refrigerate in […]

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Breaded Pork Chops

Ingredients: Break eggs and lightly scramble in a bowl. Mix pork rinds, cheese and seasoning together on a plate. Dip pork chops in egg, then roll in crumbs. Place in air fryer at 375 degrees for 22-24 minutes (depending on size of chops) flipping half way through. Serving Size one chop Total Carbs 1g Protein […]