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So many people complicate The Ketogenic Diet…I am a firm believer that food can indeed heal your body. I don’t try to sell anything, this diet can be completely successful with food alone and you can definitely do this on lower budget meats. I do, however, recommend electrolytes. When you eat a high carb diet your body holds water and when you eat a low carb diet your body releases water along with electrolytes. You don’t need to buy expensive electrolytes if you can’t afford them, just make sure the ingredients are clean and free of sugar. Pickle juice even works or you can make your own, just make sure your body is getting them. I don’t take ketones and I don’t test where mine are at. I also don’t count calories or macros. That’s too complicated and time consuming for me personally (Not knocking it at all because it works for many others and helps to keep them on track.) I just keep my carbs low (around 20 total carbs a day) and I eat fat and protein. I don’t count those either. I just eat until I am satisfied. The way I feel, the scale and the way my clothes fit help me to know where I am at. I don’t have cheat days/meals…my health can’t afford it. I do have some discount codes to help others save money if you want to purchase different products, but again they are not necessary to be successful. So don’t feel pressured to buy anything. Just keep your ingredients clean and try to eat whole one ingredient, God given foods for the best healthy outcome. I also like to link a lot of the products that I use in my videos because people ask where I get them. This is my health journey, it may not work for all, I just feel compelled to share it. Thank for watching…God Bless!

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