How To Dry Rose Petals Fast

I like to cut to the chase. I’m not one to write long, wordy blogs. When I’m looking for a recipe or DIY, I always scroll right to it. So that’s how I like to write my blogs. So let’s get to it.

My hubby bought me some beautiful red roses for Sweetest Day and I decided to dry the petals to make some potpourri.

All I did was pull the petals off of the stem and lay them, single layer, on a paper towel on a plate. Then I put the plate in the microwave for two minutes. I did this in batches.

After two minutes I removed them from the microwave and let them cool. The petals lose their fragrance after drying, so I put them in a jar with a lid and add a few drops of essential oil, I used rose scent.

I like to throw some into a hot bath or put some in a dish for some aroma therapy.

It’s very easy and quick to dry rose petals in the microwave, and it’s better then tossing those roses in the trash. This way you get some more enjoyment out of them. All microwaves are different so you may need to watch your time.

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