I have the Willow Tree Nativity starter set.

My daughter-in-law got them for me and I absolutely love them. I was looking into adding on to the set and it can get very expensive! I decided to make a few of the props on my own and then purchase a few more of the figurines.

This is the Willow Tree Nativity Crèche. It’s nice but I did not want to pay that price! I’m just too thrifty. Besides, I like to make things my own. I like to be different. So I decided I would make my own.

I have had this stable for years. It’s very rickety. I took it all apart and used the cedar wood to build a new one.

I used every piece of this cedar to make the crèche, but it has a new total different look.

I had my husband help me make a few cuts and started gluing. I used wood glue and hot glue to hold it all together.

Keep reading to find out how I made the stars and trees.

After I got it all glued together how I wanted, I painted it with some paint I already had on hand. So far this is free! That’s great compared to $170!

This was the paint I used. I wanted an old weathered barn look so I didn’t cover it thoroughly. After it dried I sanded the edges.

While the paint was drying we made the stars. Look at the price of these star stands! I wanted two.

I bought a pack of 1” wood stars from Michael’s for $3 and some dowel rods. We used the wood from the old stable to make stands. I painted the stars and dowels and glued the stars to the dowels then my husband drilled holes into the stands that he precut.

I dipped the rods in wood glue and set them into the holes. I sponged a tiny bit of gold paint onto each star.

I can’t believe the price of these trees! Look what I used to make mine with.

Unicorn horns! I looked around the store for something cone shaped I could use. I seen these and was like “oh yeah.” They are styrofoam and worked perfectly! Here’s how I made my $2 trees!

First I cut the dowel rods to the length I wanted and stuck them into the bottom of the cone.

I put a little hot glue around the dowel. Then I glued and wrapped white yarn around the cone.

Hot gluing as I go.

Once it was a wrapped, I painted the dowel brown.

I cut the next cone in half because I wanted a smaller tree. I did the same with this one.

Again, using a block of wood, we drilled holes and glued the trees in. After I set up the nativity, I decided I need to make one more of these. I might spray some iridescent glitter on them.

Here’s the finished project. I made these props for under $10! I love saving money, I really love repurposing things and I’m very happy with how my props turned out!

I will continue adding to this nativity…I’m in love.

So…I added some lights.

I bought these lights from Aldi. They were $3.99.

The string was long so I folded it s few times and thumb tacked it in. It’s battery operated and the battery pack is in the back. So pretty at night.

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