Kitten Spay Recovery Tips Surgical Recovery Suit

I have a Calico Cat. Her name is Cali. It was time for her spay surgery so I did some research before hand and discovered this recovery suit I chose this over the “Cone of Shame” It has been the best choice. I think it was way more comfortable for her.

This is Cali in the suit. I bought a size medium, she is six months old. I put the suit on her before surgery to see if it fit and of course it felt unnatural for her and she didn’t like it. She was very awkward in it but after awhile she got used to it.

This was right after I brought her home and was very supervised! Cali and my Wheaten Terrier Saphira are best friends. They like to play rambunctiously so I really had to keep a constant eye on them! I never left them alone together. When I had to leave, Cali stayed in my bedroom. Her food, water and litter stayed in the master bathroom. The first few days she stayed in there the entire time. I couldn’t believe how gentle my Wheatie was with Cali, she knew something was up. Gentle kisses here.

This kitty constantly wanted to be held. Every time I sat down or slept, she wanted snuggles. As you can see here, the suit Velcro’s in the back and has an adjustable collar. It also does not need to be removed during bathroom times. It’s cut out perfectly.

Also, cats love to bathe themselves, especially after they eat, so we developed this little routine. As soon as she ate, I would remove her suit and let her wash herself. I sat with her the entire time and as soon as she went to her incision area, I would gently redirect her. I gave her five minutes or so and the suit went right back on!

I also think wearing the suit made her feel sort of constricted, so she didn’t jump while wearing it which is something they are supposed to refrain from for two weeks. That was a bonus!!

I highly recommend this suit. It has really helped with her recovery time.

Things to Remember:

  • They probably won’t like it at first but they will get used to it. Just leave it on.
  • Keep your kitty in a quiet area of the house for at least the first few days.
  • Don’t let them jump for two weeks. This suit helped my kitty with that.
  • Supervise if you let them bathe themselves. Don’t walk away, they will go right to it!
  • Give them lots of snuggles and kisses.

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