I have been decorating my guest bedroom at the lake with Shabby Chic decor. I’ve always wanted a shabby chic room and I am having so much fun with this one. I wrote another blog about the different pieces I have added. I’ll link it here:

I found the perfect chandelier for the bedroom! It was $2! It was missing a few of the teardrop crystals, no biggie, I found replacements on eBay. I added them and gave the chandelier a good cleaning.

This is when I brought it home. It was a hot mess, but I saw the potential.

My husband had to re-wire it. The original wire was cloth and brittle . We dated it back to the 50s to early 60s. It’s an antique, even the bulbs are old. The brass plate that attaches to the ceiling didn’t come with it, my husband found it in a thrift store but it looks like it was made for the chandelier.

I love it so much! It adds such character to the room.

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2 responses to “Shabby Chic Chandelier For Guest Bedroom Thrift Store Find”

  1. Nicole Kish Avatar

    Love it! Can’t wait to sleep there soon! Lol

  2. […] Last but not least, this amazing antique crystal chandelier! I knew when I seen this, even though it needed a lot of work, that it would be perfect in this room. I have a blog about how we fixed it up and hung it here: Chandelier […]

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