Who doesn’t love the ambiance of a glowing fire on a summer evening? I know I do! This is a budget friendly option for a deck or patio. Perfect for a small outdoor space.

I don’t know if you have priced fire bowls but they can get very pricey! This one for instance is one I found online.

$85! And there’s not much to it. It’s so easy to make. You just have to find the right container.

I found this 12” terra cotta clay planter at Home Depot for $10.97. I had all the rest of my supplies on hand but the cost of the supplies isn’t much at all.

I chose to paint my pot but you could leave it if you want to skip this step. I wanted a more modern look.

I used chalk paint by Annie Sloan in Graphite, one coat.

Since it’s going to be outside, I used a chalk paint wax to protect the paint. I just rubbed it on with a soft cloth after the paint dried.

I filled the bowl with rock that I had in my backyard. I put a can of sterno in and filled rocks around it to keep it steady.

All filled up and ready to light!

I tried to capture the flame in a picture. Check out my short video below.

It even crackles! I love how it turned out…I like it better then the expensive one! you can use this for roasting marshmallows, just make sure your sterno is non-toxic.

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6 responses to “Tabletop Fire Bowl DIY Easy”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    That’s so cute! And a whole lot cheaper. 🙂

    1. The Thrifty Jewell Avatar

      Thanks 😊

  2. Bonnie Gurganus Avatar
    Bonnie Gurganus

    Thanks for sharing , I was shopping online for one today

    1. The Thrifty Jewell Avatar

      It’s a fun easy project!

  3. arun ard Avatar

    It’s cool😍

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