I’m on vacation right now and I love taking pictures. I’ve been practicing taking pictures of hummingbirds and boy is it challenging! I have a canon 6D and I still have a lot to learn, but it sure is fun!

Here are a few pictures of hummingbirds I caught. I have spent hours and only got a few that care out really good. I love hummingbirds and these are getting used to me standing around, it’s pretty cool!

I used a shutter speed of 1/4000. I used a flash on some and no flash on others.

These aren’t perfect but for a beginner, I’m pretty happy. I’ll keep practicing.

If anyone has any tips on camera settings for hummers, leave me a comment.

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6 responses to “Hummingbird Pictures Beginner Photography Canon 6D”

  1. Ann kish Avatar
    Ann kish

    Great pictures! You know they say practice makes perfect!

    1. The Thrifty Jewell Avatar

      Thanks 😊

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Awesome photos! Keep practicing and sharing because I love hummingbirds. 😁

    1. The Thrifty Jewell Avatar

      Thanks 😊

  3. Jeffrey Griffith Avatar
    Jeffrey Griffith

    Love the birds! They are the most enjoyable and challenging things to shoot. Your blog looks great too!

    1. The Thrifty Jewell Avatar

      Thank you!

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