Stainless steel cookware is awesome. It’s durable and last for years. You can find it a lot of times in thrift stores but usually they look very undesirable.

Don’t throw out or donate those pans! I want to share my tip on how I clean my stainless steel.

This was my skillet this morning. Butter and oil can cause this unsightly brown residue, but with a little elbow grease and my friend, you can make it good as new.

No I’m not a bar keeper but this is my friend. I use it a lot around the kitchen.

Just sprinkle the powder onto your surface .

Use a damp cloth to scrub.

Rinse and dry and you have a beautiful, shiny, polished pan! I even use it on my stainless kitchen sink.


Same sure to scrub with the grain.


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3 responses to “Clean Stainless Steel Pots and Pans DIY Money Saving Tip”

  1. Nina Gail Gyorke Avatar
    Nina Gail Gyorke

    I have used this for years. It is amazing!

  2. Michelle Avatar

    I need to get some of this for my sink!

    1. The Thrifty Jewell Avatar

      It works great

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