Dollar Tree Rope Bowl Craft DIY

Have you ever tried a project that you seen online and it looked really good and you tried it and didn’t work out for you like it did for them? Well this is one of those projects. It was a fail at first but I made it work.

I seen this rope bowl craft on Pinterest and thought it was a perfect decorative bowl for our lake house. It has a rustic, nautical look to it. I had some rope from dollar tree on hand and thought, “why not”?


First, You take a bowl the size you want and tip it upside down.


Next, Cover it with plastic wrap.


Then, cover the plastic wrap with wood glue.


Start wrapping the rope tightly around the bowl. I used Dollar Tree rope, two packs covered this bowl perfectly.


Keep going until the entire bowl is covered, then let dry completely. I was getting so excited about how this was going to turn out!


It looks great here, but after I let it dry and flipped it over, removed the bowl and plastic wrap, there were places that didn’t get glued and were coming apart. I was bummed but it didn’t stop me!

I fixed it by filling in the gaps on the inside of the bowl with glue and then I sat a book on top and let it dry and that worked! I wouldn’t use this for carrying things around but it is a cute decorative bowl to display. I really like it and I will use it in my home for decor.

Things don’t always turn out like they make them look online but if you work at it, you can usually figure out a way to make it work.


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