I just painted my front door. It was red for years. I needed a change. I went with a dark grey called graphite. I still have to polyurethane it so it still looks a little dull but it looks so much more dramatic. With the red door, my wreaths never stood out, now with the graphite, this wreath pops!

Here is my take on the wood bead wreath. It was so simple to make! I used a wire coat hanger (FREE), one inch wood beads from Amazon:

Flowers I had in my craft stash from Dollar Tree. Have you priced wreathes lately? I can’t bring myself to buy a pre-made one at those prices.

I started by shaping the wire coat hanger into a circle. This was the hardest part of the whole project. I used a pair of wire cutter pliers to help with the bends. Then I threaded on the beads. I bought pre-drilled beads, saves a lot of labor. I chose not to paint the beads. I liked the natural look of them.

The next part was to close the wreath. I had to make sure it was tight, no one wants spilled beads everywhere.

I used my pliers for this.

I glued on some daisies and burlap ribbon…I love daisies! I used my hot glue gun for this.

All finished!! I used a piece of twine for the hanger. I think this is a great wreath for summer. I’ll post more pics of my door when I get it completely finished. Follow my blog for new posts and leave me a comment if you’d like!

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