This is a before and after renovation project we did to our lake house master bathroom. We like to do our own labor which saves tons of money! We did this project for under $500! It was a weekend project. It went really well until the very end… you’ll see.

This was before…It was dated and dreary looking. The color on the walls was a bubblegum pink. The wainscoting around the tub was worn and dark. The tile on the tub ledge was ok but the grout was crumbling. The square tiles on the wall, dated. I want a spa like atmosphere. Bright and clean! My theme for the whole Master Suite is “Retreat.” A place where we can relax.

This was the view when you walked into the bathroom. There is no windows and it was so dark.

We painted the walls a light linen color. That in itself made a huge difference! We also changed the hardware on the cabinets. They are a modern looking brushed chrome finish. I also have a gorgeous giant painting on the wall of sailboats, I can’t believe I don’t have a picture of it, I’ll update later.

My hubby removed the wall tiles and installed a neural stacked tile. We are on a lake so I wanted lake related colors. Sand, water, stone, that sort of color scheme.

We decided the tile on the ledge of the tub went good with the wall tile so we kept it. He chiseled out the old grout and replaced it with new. I painted the wainscoting the same as the walls. I think it flows better.

Saphira approves as well. She’s my sweetie Wheaten Terrier, love her!

And this is where it went bad! We decided to keep the faucet because it would be too much work to take it out and put a new one in. The faucet is very classic and great quality, it just had brass trim. I wanted all chrome. So…..I bought a bottle of chrome paint, like the model car paints, and painted the brass to chrome. Well…I am a klutz by nature and I knocked it right into the tub! It immediately flowed everywhere! How could such a tiny bottle of pain make such a big mess? My reflex reaction was to wipe it…well it got worse. My hubby was installing the new light fixture and calmly said “Don’t move, I’ll be back” He ran to the local hardware to buy mineral spirits. I stayed in the tub lol. I had paint on my hands and feet and couldn’t get out or the situation would have been way worse! Long story short, he was able to get it all cleaned out and it was like it never happened. We were so relieved! By the way, the chrome paint over the brass came out really well. It saved us a couple hundred dollars and the hard work of replacing the faucet.

This was after the cleanup.

We also added a LED light fixture. Here’s a picture from Home Depot. It’s gorgeous and bright.

They only thing we have left to do is change out the shower door. No, I’m not painting it lol! We want a frameless shower door.

This makeover made a huge difference. The bathroom is so much brighter and a more relaxing place to be. I have decor in place now. When I get back up there I will take some shots and put them on here.

Remodeling can be done on a small budget you just have to be willing to put in the hard work. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Michelle Avatar

    It looks amazing! The new paint really brightened up the room.

    1. The Thrifty Jewell Avatar

      Thanks! It’s amazing what paint can do

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