Weeks into the “Stay at Home” order and I have more new growth at my roots then I’ve ever had! I’m a hairdresser and usually do my own hair color but I wasn’t prepared for this quarantine time. I’m out of hair-color, the beauty supply is closed…so what’s a girl to do?

Here’s one I came up with while in quarantine and can’t get to the store for headbands. I took an old pair of leggings that had a hole in them and cut a section out of the leg and made a tube headband. I made two and I’ll keep the rest of the material for future projects.

Headband made from leggings

Ladies, this works well! It stays in place and is very comfortable.

Actually, I have been desiring for some time now to let my gray hair grow out. I love the look. I was thinking, what a better time then ever then to try it now? It will be a process and during the process I may have some clever ways to cover those roots. I hope to share some ideas along the way as I go through. Want to see if I can make it? Stay tuned…

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2 responses to “Quarantine Tip To Disguise Hair Growth at Roots”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    Good idea! And it’s cute, too.

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