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Dollar Tree Crafts Tic Tac Toe Farmhouse Decor Games Rustic


How I made this Farmhouse, Rustic, Distressed Faux Wood Block Tic Tac Toe game.

I used the large foam dice from Dollar Tree. You need nine for this craft. They come in a two pack. I painted them with waverly chalk paint. I used three coats of the paint in Plaster.

Dollar Tree Foam Dice
Paint drying

After they dried, I used Truffle to lightly brush on areas to make the blocks look like old, distressed wood. I used a stencil to brush on the X and O’s. I did one side of all nine with X’s and the opposite side with O’s. I didn’t press hard when painting the letters because I wanted to give them an old worn look.

Next I used a Dollar Tree 8×8 canvas wall art to display the blocks in. I painted it inside and out with waverly chalk paint in Truffle. I lightly brushed the Plaster color here and there to give it a wood box look.

Dollar Tree 8×8 Canvas Art

This was such a fun project! It will be a cute addition to our game room. Decor that is functional too! Hope everyone is well and have a blessed day!

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