I love old windows! I have made several different home decor items with some that I have collected. I’ve had this old window in my collection for sometime now. I decided to use it in my guest room at our lake house.

Since we are in a “stay at home” order because of the corona virus and I can’t get to the stores for supplies, I used what I had in my craft stash.

I had this two pack of doilies from Dollar Tree. They have the perfect shabby chic look and they fit perfectly inside the window panes.

I used Modge Podge to glue the doilies to the glass. The glue goes on white but dries clear. I glued them to the back of the glass.

I used a wall decal sticker like the one above from Dollar Tree. Just peel and stick to the front of the glass.

To finish it off, I hot glued a flower to the front of the top window pane.

Sadly, this is my last window in my collection. I guess it’s time to hunt for some more! Thanks for stopping by!!

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