I love throw pillows. I think they are great way to add a cozy feeling to any room. Throw pillows can be expensive! They are so easy to make. I picked up these throw rugs from Dollar Tree and decided that’s just what I would make from them.

I folded them over and sewed the edges, you could use hot glue but I just wanted them to be extra sturdy. I used the stuffing from an old pillow that I had. Then I used hot glue to seal all the edges. It seriously took me a half an hour to make one. The fringe gives them a cool boho vibe. These would also make great farmhouse decor.

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5 responses to “Dollar Tree Throw Pillows Diy Boho Decor”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    They’re so pretty!

  2. Deeksha Pathak Avatar

    Such a simple yet attractive Idea!!!

  3. Throughmylens Avatar

    Such a cute idea x

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