I made this dollar tree craft for my grandsons. Everything came from dollar tree except for the little wood crates. I got those from Michael’s for .99 each.

These trucks were from Dollar Tree. I had to go to four different Dollar Tree’s to find these! I had to have the blue ones. I cut the Happy Easter signs off from the truck signs. I’ll save them for another time.

I stained the little crates then used hot glue to join the two trucks together.

I cut the sticks off of these bunnies and glued two together, back to back to create a round head. I removed the ears from the back bunny. I glued them onto the front crate.

I filled the back crate with all the carrots. It came out so cute.

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2 responses to “Dollar Tree Easter Craft Pickup Truck Diy Farmhouse”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    This is so cute!!

    1. The Daily Jewell Avatar

      Thanks 😊

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