Decorating Our Lake House on a Thrifty Budget; The Shabby Chic Guest Room

One of my favorite ways to decorate is Shabby Chic. I picked one room in the house that I could Shabby Chic my brains out…One of the guest rooms (we love having guests) Although it is a work in progress, I wanted to invite you in to take a look at what I have done so far. I just love this room…so much, that I would love to take it over for my own!

I started with the queen size bed. It was when I saw this bedding from Home Goods, on clearance, I decided this was the room for the shabby chic decor. I love this comforter and shams. It looks a little frumpy and also has a faded vintage look to it. It is also heavy and warm! I took a headboard that my mother-in-law wasn’t using anymore and spray painted it a creamy off white. It didn’t have to be perfect, Imperfect is all part of the plan.

I had the old wooden six pane window frame for a while. I left it as is and added the ceramic heart with pink roses I found in a thrift store for .25!

The wall vases are handmade by my hubby and I. He cut some old pallet wood for me and I lightly brush painted them and he attached the dollar store milk bottles to the wood for me and put picture hangers on the back. It was a very easy project.

The side table is a wooden TV tray that I already had. It was black. I painted it and sat a distressed wooden tray on top with the cutest lamp I have ever seen! I picked it up in a thrift store. I then added some other little thrift store finds.

Let’s talk about these curtains! Oh my word, I love them! I initially bought them to use as a photo backdrop. I got them from Amazon, the link is below. They come in a variety of colors. The sheers are attached to the front of the colored fabric. You can style them different ways. The curtains can be pulled back and the sheers can hang down or vice versa. Or you can style them like I have done so here. They are amazing quality and a terrific price! Here is the link:

I have a few wall hangings that I thrifted, around the room.

This metal arrow I had bought on clearance somewhere a long time ago. I needed something in this room for guests to hang their robes or bags or what have you. It did not have the white on it. I painted it to make it look shabby chic lol. I also added the bouquet. I’m not sure about it yet but it is functional.

On this wall is a vintage window I had and I blogged about how I decorated it recently. And That is my grandmother’s wooden rocking chair, not sure on the age but my mom is 80 and remembers my grandma having when she was a child. It is blue, was once painted red. the blue has worn and chipped in spots and the red shows, It is perfect for this room. I also added these old picnic table bench seats that have been on my porch for years to the foot of the bed. I was thinking about adding cushions but I’m not sure. I might leave them be.

Not the best pic but one of the best things about this room is the window view of the lake and my butterfly garden. It’s so lovely when there is a summer breeze and the water is sparkling blue…

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