I spent my Sunday making another Dollar Tree Craft. I made this for our Lake House. I think it will be perfect on the kitchen counter. It has a nautical look to it and it is functional. We like to have a lot of our meals in the summer time out on the deck. This will be great for carrying out food items or drinks.

Here is a list of supplies needed for this tray:

  • Two Pizza Pans from Dollar Tree
  • 2 Pieces of chunky Rope, each approximately 42” long, you’ll have to cut some of it off
  • One 4”x36” Peel and Stick Floor Tile or One 12”x12” Tile
  • Two Handles
  • Glue Gun
  • E6000 Glue

The first thing I did was glue the two pizza pans back to back. I used E6000. I put an iron skillet on top to weight it down and let it dry.

Meanwhile, I cut the tile. I chose a .99 peel and stick vinyl tile from Lowe’s. I liked the wood grain look that it has to it. It is the rectangular shape, 4”x 36”.

I cut them into 12” lengths. If you find a 12”x12” tile you like, you can skip this step.

Next I used a grease splatter screen that I got from Dollar Tree as a guide to cut my circle out.

I used a utility knife to score it a couple of times then the edges just snapped off.

I glued the tiles into the pizza pan

I glued some chunky rope around the outside circle of the pizza pan with a hot glue gun. There was also an uneven edge so I hot glued some rope around the inside circle.

I use these silicone finger protectors when using my hot glue gun to keep my fingers from being burnt.

Next I took a lighter and carefully burnt around the top of the rope because I like that look. Plus it helps burn away any frayed areas, unless you like that look. It’s all personal preference.

I stacked a couple of iron skillets on top of the tray to let it continue to dry.

The last step was to add the handles. I had my amazing, handyman hubby help with this part. If your only using it for display, you could glue them on but I need this to be sturdy so I chose to use a pop rivet gun to attach them.

Here is my finished tray. I’m very happy with how it turned out. It’s very sturdy and will look great in my lake house kitchen. Total cost was $6!

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2 responses to “Dollar Tree Farmhouse Nautical Serving Tray Pizza Pan Craft Diy $6”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    So pretty!!! The rope burning tip is a good idea. I like the way it looks.

    1. The Daily Jewell Avatar

      Thank you! It was a fun weekend craft

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