We have been seeing a lot of sunshine the past few days, and even though it’s cold, I’m getting in the mood for Spring. My favorite part of Spring is Easter! Mostly because of what our Lord did for us (John 3:16) but also because of Family gathering, yummy food and I have two beautiful grandsons that I’m excited to share it with!

This year I want to make a few crafts that will make them smile. I have an adorable craft coming soon so be sure to follow and sight up with email for new posts!

I wanted to share my first Easter craft “how to.” It took a few hours, mostly due to letting paint dry, but it was fun and easy.

I started with this Dollar Tree Sign. It’s cute and all but I had a different idea for it.

I love bunnies and pastels for spring but when I saw this sign, I envisioned something different.

So here’s what I did..

I pulled off the bunny with my hands carefully. Then I sanded off the glitter with sandpaper until the board was smooth. This is what it looked like.

I also sanded the bunny.

The next step was to paint. I chose a color called Plaster by Waverly. It’s chalk paint. I painted the entire surface and edges, three coats. I let it dry then used a thin paint brush to added lines and marks to make it look like aged wood.

Here’s the paint I used.

Next, I painted the bunny, let dry, added the bow back and a pompom for the tail with hot glue. Then I glued the bunny back onto the board.

I then went on my computer and printed out the saying, then cut out the words and found their placement on the board.

I used carbon paper that I got on amazon to lay under the words and then traced them onto the board. I’m terrible at free handing letters.

This is what the traces letters looked like.

I then used a black, medium point paint marker to fill in the letters. I added some highlights to the letters with the same paint I used for the background with a very skinny brush.

I hot glued on a ribbon and some flowers from Dollar Tree and that was it! A super easy, inexpensive, fun craft.

I chose to stand it on a table. You could also add ribbon or twine and hang it up. Stay tuned for my next Easter crafts, soon to come!

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2 responses to “Easter Dollar Tree Craft Sign diy”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    This is adorable!!

    1. The Daily Jewell Avatar

      Thank you so much! I’m really getting into this crafting thing 💕

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