I posted a blog with my first Dollar Tree Craft made out of a pizza pan and placemat. Here is the next one I made.

I’m probably going to change the ribbon. I used what I had on hand. Here are the materials I used.

This vinyl placemat from Dollar Tree. They have a great selection! I used a screen splatter from Dollar Tree this time as a pattern to cut out the circle. It worked perfectly! It was just the right size to fit inside the pizza pan. it has a little knob on it that you can hold while cutting the circle. I used a utility knife.

I bought the pizza pan from Dollar Tree. I painted the edge of the pizza pan with chalk paint. After it dried, I scuffed it here and there with sandpaper to give it a distressed look.

I used Mod Podge to glue the placemat down to the pan.

Next I used rope from Dollar Tree to go along the inside edge. This helps to cover any empty edges on the placemat. I hot glued it down.

I added a bow to the top. Then I cut a small piece of rope and hot glued a loop to the back for hanging.

This is a quick easy craft and would be perfect for a crafting weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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2 responses to “Dollar Tree Crafts Pizza Pan Wall Hanger diy”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    So pretty! The splatter screen tip is a great idea!

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