I recently discovered the world of dollar tree crafts. I feel like I’m late to the game but better late then never! There are tons of ideas on Pinterest and Facebook. The pizza pan wall hanger craft is popular right now. I tried that first. Here it is.

It’s really easy and took about an hour. The base is a pizza pan from Dollar Tree.

You can leave it plain or paint it a color if you choose.

The picture is a placemat. Dollar Tree has an assortment with different sayings on them. They are rectangular shaped. I used a template I made out of parchment paper to cut a circle out that fit inside the pizza pan.

After I cut out the circle, I hot glued the placemat to the pizza pan. Next I hot glued rope around the inside of the pan to help cover any spaces plus it looks nice.

Then I added a ribbon and flowers to the top with hot glue that I got from Dollar Tree. I chose to hang mine so I hot glued a small piece of rope on the back to create a loop to hang.

This was an easy craft but it turned out so cute. I’ll definitely be trying some more of these in expensive craft ideas!

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5 responses to “Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Craft Diy”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    So pretty!! I love Dollar Tree DIYs. 😊

    1. The Daily Jewell Avatar

      Thank you!

  2. delaramartdesign Avatar


  3. Marty Avatar

    Very pretty! What kind of glue did you use?

    1. The Thrifty Jewell Avatar

      Mod Podge works best

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